Management Committee

College Management

Today in our nation a wide gender gap exists in every field. This college is dedicated to provide functional and meaningful education to women of all sections of society so that they can actively participate in all fields of life.  The college aspires to provide not only formal education but to contribute to the development of all facets of the students’ personality by engaging them in sports and social service activities, debates and art and literary activities. To make it all this really happening, there is a management committee.

All the members of this management committee are committed for their tasks. This page is here to brief about members of management committee.  All these members are working to make this college; the best girls college that works for empowering knowledge,building character and enhancing employ ability of young talent. Along with all ethics of Jain dharma, every body within this territory of college gives his/her one hundred percent to keep values first. 

A Message From Commitee

  Our college is fully dedicated to serve the society with the best quality education along with the discipline so that our students can grow in every aspects of life. Management Team has ensured the arrangement of every needed facility for proper operation of the educational system. Other than this, we are also focused over adoption of advanced teaching techniques. We as the managing authority of this institution are sincerely putting efforts to empower students with more facilities and new courses. College premise is under the vigilance of CCTV cameras. The college area is a Tobacco Free Zone.  In coming days, we are going to launch Annpurna Canteen in the college premise. We have raised number of available courses in past few years and we are going to add few more in coming time. As a secretary, I have given time to ensure a disciplined educational environment as well as professional work atmosphere of office. We have strong ethical support of Jain dharma that guides all of us in the positive direction of growth. 


College Management